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    Auto Key Programmer

    Name:JMA TRS5000 Cloning Tool TPX Cloner(Copy 4D)
    Category:Auto Key Programmer
    Stock:in stock


    Auto Key Programmer JMA TRS-5000 Cloning Tool TPX Cloner(Copy 4D)



    * Stand alone operation, requires no internet or PC connection.

    * Developed with ease of use in mind. READ, COPY and you’re done.

    * Free software updates keep your machine up to date and cloning the latest technologies.

    * PC software, allows for database creation and easy updates.

    The TRS-5000 transponder duplicator is capable of cloning key type:

    Fixed code chips: TP01, TP03, TP04,TP05.

    Phillips (crypto): TP09 , TP10, TP12, TP13, TP14,TP16

    Texas 4C (fixed): TP02,TP07.

    Texas 4D (crypto): TP06, TP19, TP20, TP21, TP26, TP27, TP28, TP29, TP30,TP31

    It will also help you to identify many other encrypted transponders.




    Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz,  9V C.C. 500mA

    Display: Two-line display for easy reading.

    Size and weight: 158 x 76 x 175 ; 600 gr.

    Quality: FC,CE approved


    JMA TPX Cloner(COPY4D)


    Forget Battery Head Key. Welcome to the Revolution!

    This electronic tool connected to the TRS-5000 allows for stand alone cloning of Texas Instruments encrypted transponders.

    Texas Encrypted Transponders, are commonly found in Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles. Use the TPX Cloner along with our proprietary TPX2 chips for simple read and write cloning.

    JMA’s upgrading module to copy Texas Crypto keys using JMA’s new TPX2 chip technology.


    The main advantages of using JMA's TPX Chipped Blanks rather than Battery Heads are:


    * No electronic circuit - No batteries to replace

    * More reliable technology - Coding lasts longer

    * Original key head shape - Looks better.

    * Maximize profits - Half the price of battery head keys

    * Standard sized keys - More practical

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