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    ECU Chip Tunning

    Name:Super CAN Filter For FEM MB W212 W221 W164 W166 W204 BMW CAS4 Renault Laguna III, Megane III, Scenic III
    Category:ECU Chip Tunning
    Stock:in stock


    Super CAN Filter For BMW CAS4,

    And FEM/ MB W212 W221 W164 W166 W204,

    Renault Laguna III, Megane III, Scenic III

    Super CAN Filter for BMW CAS4 and FEM, MB W212 W221 W164 W166 W204, Renault

    Laguna III, Megane III, Scenic III
     Super CAN Filter Descriptions:
     1. CANEMU is created for swap CAN messages in the car CAN network
    2. CANEMU configuration and functions can be set by soldering configuration jumps
     Super CAN Filter Main CANEMU Function:
      It helps car owners to repair (exchange to used parts) broken car electronic computers and keep

    original car data: like odometer, coding and others functions.


    Super CAN Filter support:
    1. Renault Laguna III
    2. Megane III, Scenic III
    3. BMW CAS4 and FEM
    4. MB W212 W221 W164 W166 W204
    Support models:
     1 Series-F2x, 3 series-F3x, X5-F1x, ect. All FEM module
    Note:only remove the instrument, connect SUPER CAN FILTER to the instrument,

    then change mileage in 160DQWQ. You don't need disassembly the FEM module!


    Out technician will tell you how to connect the SUPER CAN FILTER with the instrument.


    CANEMU can be used on these cars:
    1.  Mercedes S-class W221 2007+, new C-class and CLC-class W204 2008+, ML W164 2007+,

    GL X164 2007+, R-class W251 2007+ , E-class W212 with NEC
         processor. CANEMU block odometer value from EZS (EIS). If Mercedes CAN filter is

    installed in EZS, dealer workshop scanner (like Mercedes StarDiagnosis
         or Xentry) will show main odometer mileage in EZS the same, as in instrument cluster.
    2. Renault Laguna III 2008+, Scenic 4 2009+, Megane III 2009+.  If CANEMU is installed in cluster,

    no need for ABS programming, just change original odometer
        value in dashboard ( instrument cluster)
    3. BMW F-series cars CAS4. CANEMU block odometer value from CAS4 to instrument cluster

    and diagnostic tester. If CANEMU is installed in CAS4, dealer
        workshop scanner (BMW ICOM or INPA) will show main odometer mileage in CAS4 the same,

    as in instrument cluster.
    BMW CAS4 CAN filter instalation:
    1. CANEMU is tested on F01, F02 with 1L15Y processor, F10 and F07 (BMW GT) with 1L15Y and 5M48H

    processors and on F25 ( new X3)
    2. After CANEMU instalation diagnostic tester (BMW ICOM or INPA) shows in CAS4 the same mileage as

    on instrument cluster


    Mercedes CAN filter  W212 connection photo corrected:
    Also works for older cars like E-class W211, S-class W220, Sprinter. Can be installed also

    in instrument cluster, but in this case in EZS-EIS will stay old odometer value.
    W204 instalation example:


    Renault CAN filter instalation:
    Renault Laguna III connection - short configuration jump 3 like in picture and change KM in dashboard:


    Package Including:

    1pc ×  Super CAN Filter

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