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    UID Pet Key tag

    Name:Epoxy card/ IC Epoxy card/ Epoxy card make/ Crystal epoxy card/ Monchhichi
    Category:UID Pet Key tag
    Stock:in stock


    Compressive casting by refined mould, antiseptic and high temperature resistance material. Encapsulating with chips and coils filled with epoxy resin. The different style of key ring card is soldering and assembling by ultrasonic wave. 1. Can choose color according to customers’ request , and can be designed and made according to the appearance offered by customer. 2 `The inner can be encapsulated with different version of high and low frequency chip, can be compositely encapsulated. 3. The surface can be marked with icon, inkjet coding, ID code, serial number. 4. With the feature of dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration. 5 Small and exquisite appearance, solid and durable, will not fade. 6. With key ring buckle, easy to take, can be made to PVC plastic card, epoxy or encapsulating chips and used for entrance guard, public transportation, parking, identity authentication, attendance management, skiing, entrance ticket, all-purpose card payment, product identification and so on. Coin card’s specification: 40x5x4mm  30x5x4mm  17x1.3mm, major diameter x minor diameter x thickness


    Product Feature:

    1.Widely used at hospital, water park, natatorium, washing center, Sauna Center, entertainment venues, cooling library,  waterproof inspection, field working and other extremely wet environment., even steeping the in the water for long time, the card can be used normally.

    2.With 3 feature: waterproof, damp proof, anti-vibration, and high temperature resistance.

    3.Close-loop wrist strap, full of elastic, easy to wear, convenient to use. .

    4.Watch shape card include contactless chip, can offer low frequency chip(125Khz) high frequency chip(13.56Mhz) encapsulating watch.

    5.The appearance can be offset print, silk-screen, code-spurting.

    6.Encapsulating material: silica gel (Chain) watch case(ABS)

    7.Color available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange

    8.Material: silica gel

    9.Working temperature: -10 to 60 ℃

    10.Storage temperature: -20-85℃

    11.Weight: 15g

    12.Size:( customizable)  17x230x2mm


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